17th & 18th SEPTEMBER 2016


Nightingale House Hospice Wrexham

Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham provides a specialist palliative care service for patients with specific life-limiting illness living within the catchment area of North East Wales Trust and the border areas and to support their families in a caring environment. This is undertaken by a specially trained multi-disciplinary team who provide symptom control, assessment, terminal care, and on-going emotional support for relatives and carers, bereavement support, education and information.

The aims of Nightingale House Hospice are:

To provide physical, emotional, spiritual and social care to the patients and their families in accordance with their needs
To provide the highest quality of health care in an appropriate and safe environment using a multi-professional team approach
To comply with and where possible to exceed National Standards for Palliative Care and Specialist Palliative Care
To develop collaborative working partnerships with Health and Social Care providers within the local health economy
To provide specialist care to patients 18 years and over, irrespective of gender, creed, religion or culture. Hospice care is free at the point of delivery to patients
To promote quality of life and manage symptoms effectively
To allow a natural and a dignified death in collaboration with a terminally ill patient and his/her family
To provide individualised care respecting dignity, privacy, confidentiality and Informed Choice
To provide 24-hour in-patient care, valuing patients’ rights to independence
To provide an active day unit focusing on the principles of rehabilitation and supportive care
To provide appropriate outpatient facilities to support patients in the community including:
Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Out-patient Clinic and Complementary therapy
To provide a bereavement service for the family prior to and after the patient’s death and for children up to 19 years of age in the community experiencing bereavement
To provide education training, and motivate staff, including all volunteers, to an appropriate level of skill and expertise, to aim for the highest standards of care within the hospice and the community
To provide appropriate and adequate systems for supporting staff
To provide a combination of formal and informal advice to a wide range of health professionals via the Nightingale House Hospice 24 hour Advice Line
To provide an appropriate level of administration services to support the work of the hospice
To establish and maintain an effective fundraising team and strategy for sustainable service.
To maintain a well informed Board of Trustees